Automotive Window Tinting

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Adding window tint to your vehicle is one of the best upgrades you can choose for your vehicle.  It allows you to keep your vehicle cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, protect your skin & interior from harmful UV Rays, increase privacy from strangers, and upgrade the appearance of your vehicle.  Are you looking to tint a SUV or Truck?  Did you know that the rear doors and windows that are tinted are just colored glass?  This means they do not offer any of these benefits.  So if you are thinking of just tinting the two front windows, you should consider tinting all the windows.  We offer clearer shades to keep the rear doors and windows the same shade it is now, but allowing you to get the all the benefits of window tint.  Check out the information we have below which talks about the benefits of window tint, the window films that we carry, shades that are available, warranties that we offer, and discounts you might qualify for…


Benefits Of Window Tint

• Heat Rejection | This is typically the #1 reason to add window tint to your vehicle.  Window Tint will reduce heat coming into your vehicle in the summer and keep heat inside your vehicle during the winter.  This reduces stress on your A/C and Heater system by making them more efficient allowing them to run less which saves gas.

• UV Protection | This is probably the most important reason to add window tint to your vehicle.  Window tint will block up to 99.9% of UV Rays.  UV Rays have been linked to causing skin cancer and can be harmful to your eyes.  In addition they will fade and damage your interior along with anything left in the vehicle.

• IR Rejection | Infrared Rays is a small percentage of heat that majority of window films do not block.  When you walk outside and feel the heat burning your skin, this is the IR.  Choosing the premium films below will increase the IR Rejection.

• Increased Privacy | Block out strangers by adding window tint.  This allows less light in your vehicle which cuts down on what the outside world can see.  This is great if you leave expensive items in your vehicle.  Keep your property and your family safe with the privacy of window tint.

• Upgraded Appearance | Window Tint can make any vehicle look better.  It comes in different shades for you to choose the look you want.  Window tint can be super dark or super light.  Make your vehicle sleeker by adding window tint.


Benefits of Choosing Us

• Highest Quality Window Films | We use only the best which is why we carry Llumar and 3M.  Each window film has been around for over 50 years and have a reputation of being the best.  They offer superior UV Protection, Optical Clarity, and Heat Rejection.  These windows films will outlast your vehicle.

• Superior Installation Quality | We are factory trained by both Llumar and 3M on the most advanced cutting edge installation techniques.  We strive to offer you the cleanest, highest quality installation you have ever received.

• 3M Crystalline Certified | We are the first  3M Crystalline Certified dealer in GA.  This means we have been trained in 3M Crystalline installation techniques.  We have passed all courses on Crystalline along with passing our Crystalline installation test.

• Hassle Free Warranty | Our warranty process is very simple and as hassle free as possible.  You are covered on film and labor against the film turning purple, bubbling, cracking, peeling, and delamination.

• Nationwide Lifetime Warranty | This means no matter what state you move to you are 100% covered!  Simply call the 1-800 number on warranty folder and they will help locate the closest Llumar or 3M dealer.  The new shop will cover your warranty 100% same as if you came back to us.  All you need to do is keep the warranty folder that we give you which contains all your required warranty information.

• Breakage Protection | If one of your side windows is broken due to a break-in or accident, our Exclusive Breakage Protection is there for you.  We will tint 1 new window for free no matter the window film you picked.


Window Tinting Packages

• Llumar ATC (Good)Our color-stable technology ensures your Llumar ATC Series window tint will really go the distance, and of course you want your interior to look just as fantastic, for just as long.  That’s why we combine our advanced deep-dye technology with 99% UV protection.  This added feature helps keep your upholstery, dash, and other interior finishes from cracking, fading or looking anything less than factory-fresh.

No matter which one of this tint’s premium shades you choose, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy its envy-inducing look.  So go ahead, take the long way home.


•  3M Color Stable (Better) | The Color Stable Series incorporates a unique process for producing nano-carbon polyester.  This revolutionary process allows for maximum heat rejection without a metal film layer, which can interfere with radio and/or satellite signals.  It also gives the film a stylish look with outstanding color stability, so it never turns purple.

Improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors and blocking UV rays are hallmarks of 3M™ Automotive Window Films.


• Llumar CTX (Best)The Llumar CTX Series offers you a wide range of shades, each completely loaded with our most luxurious, premium features.  With nano-ceramic technology, this auto tint creates an oasis inside your vehicle that’s cooler, easier on the eyes, and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, all without compromising the connectivity of your phone, GPS, and other devices.

Choose a limo-inspired look for maximum privacy, wrap your windows in sophisticated medium tone, or surround yourself in a more subtle shade.  Whichever way you go, with the CTX series, you’ll do more than just enhance your look.  You’ll enhance your life.


•  3M Crystalline (Ultimate) | The Crystalline Series features a proprietary, multilayer optical film nano-technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it Note.  A clear breakthrough in automotive window films.  The Crystalline Series rejects more heat than many dark films without changing the appearance of your vehicle, making it the superior choice for comfort.

Improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors and blocking UV rays are hallmarks of 3M™ Automotive Window Films. 


Window Tint Shades

Adding Window Tint to your vehicle allows you to further customize the look to your satisfaction.  We have a wide range of window film shades starting from 15% all the way up to 90%, so no matter the shade you are looking for, we have it.  If you want heat rejection, our higher performance films can block tons of heat even at the lighter shades…so no need to get a dark film if you don’t want one.  Check out our charts below to give you a better idea of how they will look on your vehicle.

Our first chart shows our shade options with a white vehicle in the background.  This gives you a better idea of how dark each shade is without a dark background.  If you are looking for privacy, the 15%-20% shades will be best for you.  if you looking for a medium darkness, the 30%-40% shades will be best for you.  If you are wanting to keep your windows a little clearer, the 50%-90% will be best for you…this range of shades are also ideal for windshields.


Our second chart shows how the same shades look if you have a black interior.  When your interior is dark, the overall look of the window tint will appear darker than others with a lighter interior.

Our third chart shows how the same shades look if you have a tan interior.  When your interior is light, the overall look of the window tint will appear lighter than vehicles with a darker interior.

Keep in mind that some of these shades may not be legal depending on the vehicle and application.  We will be happy to go over the Georgia Window Tint Law with you to make sure you’re compliant.  If your vehicle is registered in another state or leaving Georgia, please make sure you are aware of specific laws in that state.  We will also be able to look up that information for you, but can’t guarantee it is the most up-to-date information.


Window Tinting Discounts Available (Full Vehicles Only)

• Distance | If you are driving a long distance to come to us we want to show appreciation.  So we offer two discounts based on the distance you are driving.  If you live 20+ miles from our location, you will receive $10 off.  If you live 30+ miles from our location, you will receive $20 off.  To receive this discount, just show your drivers license for proof of your address.  We will Google Map it to confirm the distance from our location.

• Returning Customer | We want to show appreciation to all of our returning customers.  If you previously had a vehicle tinted with us, you are eligible to receive a $20 discount on your next vehicle.  To receive this discount, simply bring in your previous receipt when you arrive with your next vehicle.

• Military, Police & Fire | We want to support our Military, Police, & Fire personal.  You will receive a $10 discount on your vehicle.  To receive this discount, simply show us your Military, Police, or Fire identification.

• Windshield Tint | If you are getting your Windshield tint at the same times as the rest of your vehicle, we offer a $20 discount on the Windshield.